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Nigeria: Northern, Western, and Eastern

Western Nigeria

Northern Nigeria
Western Nigeria
Eastern Nigeria

Physical Features:

Western Nigeria is a more advanced and city like part of Nigeria. The forests are all basically cut down. Half of the population lives in the city. It also has Savannas located in the area. Most of the places that arent city are covered in tall dry grasses and its basically all flat plains.
- Forest cut down
- Alot of city
- Savannas
- Tall dry grasses
- Mostly plains

Cultural Differences:

In this area of Nigeria there clothing is very colorful. Its bright to show the element of there of artistic nature. They are known very much for their bead work. It is one of there main hobbies.
- Very colorful and bright clothing
- Artistic
- Known well for there bead work

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Economic Appearance:

In this part of Nigeria the deforestation was and is for timber and/or farmland. Because it is mostly city the economic activity is mostly factories and small businesses such as Grocery stores and Clothes stores. Some of its activity is informal so the government doesnt control it.
-Deforestation for land use or timber.
-Factories and small buisneses are sources of economic activity.
-Informal economy with no government help.

By BreAnna Hall and Austin Bartram