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Nigeria: Northern, Western, and Eastern

Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria
Western Nigeria
Eastern Nigeria

Physical Features:

Northern Nigeria is a very dry place. It has dry flat grasslands with spread out trees. It has all the Qualities of a normal desert plus thorn trees.
- Wide plains
- Tall dry grass lands
- Thorn trees
- Very Dry
- Hot climate

Cultural Differences:

Northern cultures are a little different than Eastern and Western. They are mostly carried upon tradition. They wear traditional robes and fez's that are heavy units of clothing.
The are also cultural through there music. Such as the traditional Tension drums.
- Floor length Robes (loose clothing)
- Head scarfs (women)
- Fez (tradional hat)
- Many people are christian
- Music (Tension drum)

Economic Appearance:

The economics of Northern Nigeria Is important. The villages are important trading centers. Herding animals is the biggest economic stimulator. Most money is made from animal sales.
- Herding animals
- Villages are trading centers

By BreAnna Hall and Austin Bartram