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Nigeria: Northern, Western, and Eastern
Eastern Nigeria
Northern Nigeria
Western Nigeria
Eastern Nigeria

Physical Features:

Eatsern nigeria has alot of wetlands. Pollution also killed most of the fish but there main source of water is the Niger River. Though it is polluted they still use it in many ways. There is alot of rainfall.
-Niger river
-Used for alot of things
-Alot of rainfall

Cultural Differences:

The houses are made of mud and brick. The people wear colorful clothing. They also wear traditional hats and masks.
-Mud and brick houses
-Color clothing
-Traditonal hats and masks

Economic Appearance:

The niger river was a source of fish. Pollution killed most of them. Forests were cut for timber. There is also oil to be found too. Oil is their main economic stimulant.
-River held fish
-Pollution of Niger river
-Forests were cut
- Oil

By BreAnna Hall and Austin Bartram