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Froggy Planet

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Meet the frogs

Meet all Four frogs from the cartoon, which we are able to produce, right here!!!

1. Froggy Dude- a crazy energetic frog that can talk and is lonley at first and then finds a girlfriend.The main character who brings joy to everyone.
2.Slimey/Hopey- at first a gothic frog that is bored and kind of scary, but after froggy dude shows up everything changes. she is now called Hopey as apposed to slimey.
3. Mr. Green- a mean frog that is abrother to Hopey and is the one that turned her gothic. He tries to capture froggy dude to get his sister back to old ways and has troubles doing it.
4.Mystery Frog- ?





Mystery frog


Froggy Dude


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Froggy Dude Rocks